We are sustainable plastic recycling company, specializing in purchasing, processing and trading with recyclable plastics, metal scrap and paper.

We provide comprehensive services in the field of waste management, starting with collection and sorting of plastics, processing post-industrial, single-stream, and post-consumer recyclable plastics into various products. As well for other waste and hazardous waste, including consulting.

Established in 2019, EF Recycling s.r.o. is your partner in field of plastic, metal scrap and paper recycling.

In 2021, we established close cooperation with a recognised employer on the protected labour market.

You can find our company's facilities in the Liberec Region - Přepeře near Turnov, Pelechov in Železný Brod, Lažany near Mladá Boleslav, and Turnov.


We collect, purchase and recycle more than 100 types of plastics materials, as well as metal scrap and paper, which we process in-house by sorting, shredding, grinding and palletizing. We are shipping processed plastic waste locally and also in large quantities to processing and manufacturing plants around the world.

We recycle
plastics, metals and paper

As the importance of ecology grows, so does the importance of recycling in all areas of human activity. Our company’s primary goal is to contribute to tackling the environmental burden caused specifically by plastic, paper, and metal waste. We specialise in collecting and recycling of plastics, mainly through shredding, grinding and regranulation. We also collect metal scrap and paper.

We deal with
waste management

We provide our customers with comprehensive services in the field of waste management, from the collection of plastics thru paper and metal scrap, to hazardous waste.

Recycling of plastics

Recycling of plastics

Plastic is recycled by shredding and regranulating residual or waste plastics and subsequently incorporating this material into useful products.
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Environmental consulting

Environmental consulting

Implementation of management systems. Activities of an external ecologist.
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Collection of plastics

Buyback of plastics

We are purchasing plastic waste in all forms, from small plastic purgings and films to large mouldings, inlets, lumps, and cuttings.
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What will we be glad to help you with?

Pre-shredding and grinding of plastic waste.

We shred materials of all types and sizes, including spattered material from production.

Manual sorting of multi-type material

We collect and purchase unsorted plastic waste, which we manually sort and shred or regranulation into final products. We also provide a sheltered workshop services.

Regranulation of plastics

We regranulate materials on EREMA lines. HDPE EVOH from automotive fuel tanks, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, PS, EPS, PC, PMMA, SAN and more.

Purchasing of plastics, paper and metal scrap

We collect ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap, paper and plastics. We cooperate with direct producers and processors of recyclable waste.